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Importing Songs
I couldn't find this question anywhere else, so I apologize if it's been answered. When I connect my tablet (Asus Transformer Prime TF201) to MobileSheets, I can transfer pdf songs fine. When I try to associate a song I get an error if I choose "tablet removable storage" as the location. If I choose the "tablet global music library" I can transport fine. I was trying to use tablet storage because I'd like to have the pdf and the audio track together. If I allow the track to be placed in the global library, I can manually move it to the tablet storage, but I don't think I should have to do that each time. The tablet says: "error receiving audio tracks from PC", then the 2nd message is "Error: invalid message received from PC. Ignoring message". After a minute, I get an error box from the companion app on the pc saying "an error was encountered while adding or modifying song. Verify that the connection is still valid to the wireless network." If I close all of the windows I'm left with the Companion window that is showing my songlist. That window is frozen, but if I hit "disconnect" on the tablet, the window releases then I can connect again. This happens each time I try to import to the tablet removable storage.

I'm using the free version while I wait for my AirTurn to arrive. Once I check that out, I will upgrade to the paid version. The track I'm trying to import is a .wav file from GuitarPro. Does it need to be an mp3? I'm guessing not because it plays if I move it to the correct folder manually. I'm using a Win7 pc.

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