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Midi communication Genos vs. Mobilesheets
(01-10-2018, 03:10 AM)Zuberman Wrote: Hello,

I contacted Yamaha to try and get more information on how to load a registration on the Genos through MIDI, but have not gotten a response yet. I don't have a Genos myself, so unless someone can track down the information for what messages MobileSheets needs to send to load a registration on the Genos, it's going to be difficult for me to add additional features to make this easier.  If it's like some of the other Yamaha keyboards, it may be a patch message, or if the Genos is more complex, it may be a sysex message.


The communication is sysex. As far as I understand right now, the process works like this:

1. Select a registration on the Genos.
2. Select the corresponding PDF file in the musicsheetapp (Songbook+ in this case)
3. Press the button "link the pdf with registration"
4 A Sysex message (link request) is sent to Genos 
5. Genos responds with Sysex message including the filepath for the registration.
6 Message with filepath is linked with the SheetPDF in app.

When the next time the sheet is selected there will be a Sysexmessage send with the corresponding path for the registration and registration is selected on Genos.

This works also the other way around. 

I was able to "learn" Mobilesheets the Sysexmessage when I select a registration and save this with the corresponding PDF. I was not able yet to let it work the otherway around.

I can try to intercept the sysexmessages which are communicated in the coming days. I have to change something in my Genos midisetup to intercept this communication. 

I hope this can help you to develop some userfriendly functionality for linking and selecting registration and PDF files between Mobilesheets and Genos.




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