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Request for more Page Turning Methods SHORT VERSION ;)
Thanks for your answer Mike!

1. Half-Page Turning Mode actually only works with Single Page, I suggest it would work in a Double-Page context, but only one page at a time... That's what I meant by Sequential, in opposition to the already existing Alternate Mode that turns full pages at once!
Independent Mode would mean that scrolling a half page only affects that page, leaving the next one ready for top viewing!

2. Again I propose it would work in a Double-Page context, so we could still view both pages before we turn, like Always Facing Pages kind of...
In actual Alternate Mode, the new page appears on the left, what becomes confusing if the newly turned page is on the left side while we need to go back for a Da Capo or Dal Segno for example...
By experience the page we are actually playing should always be visible WHILE we are turning to a next one, that's why I prefer Alternate Mode over regular "blinded" whole 2 pages turning!
In this method I propose, a NEXT page would always appear on the right side, while a PREVIOUS page would always reappear on the left, so the pedal action would be for SHIFTING (left or right) instead of TURNING (recto-verso)!
Also the next or previous page is automatically loaded since the pedal action is on the actual read page (is this clear?)

3. Exactly, I often crop pages for musical or technical reasons, and it works great in Top Aligned, Verical Scrolling Single Page Portrait Mode since every page turn makes the cropped page pieces go up one by one, but I wonder how that could work again in a Double-Page Landscape context... maybe a special Custom Mode, where we could determine how much pieces of a page we want on each side?

I apologize for my writing since English is not my primary langage... thanks for your patience!

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