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Request for more Page Turning Methods SHORT VERSION ;)
(01-22-2018, 04:26 AM)Zuberman Wrote: 1. Are you envisioning half of each page being displayed instead of the full page? Similar to how half pages work using the single page display mode in landscape? That's the only way that makes sense to me. If you are talking about the half page display mode in portrait where the first half of the page is turned, then the second half, I don't see why that would be useful in a two page display format.

2. Does that mean you want three pages displayed at once instead of two? If I implement a three page display mode, it would be what you are describing.

3. The layout logic for that would be incredibly complex. It would make the page number assignments look bizarre, and would cause all sorts of logic errors in my framework. I don't think I can realistically support this.

Your English is quite good. I'm currently learning German and wish I could speak it as well as you speak English!


1: Yes Mike, exactly how it works now in Single Page, only I wish I could have TWO side pages displayed at the same time IN FULL WIDHT for repeats, DC, DS and To Coda stuff.
But I think it would need a 3 pedal setup: usual UP/DOWN for turning, plus one for pulling the half-page up or down...

Now the only way I can do this is by scaling down my original pages to fit in height, but then they become way too small, or cut my pages in half by cropping them, but again my problem becomes that I have four page parts that I need to jungle with pedals for the repeats etc.
I experienced by repeating pages for DC and Signo so my music becomes "in long", only using UP page pedaling, but then I spend ridiculus time to copy annotations and end up with too many little pieces on my screen!

Maybe you can come up with better ideas than mine if I can explain my situation more clearly?

3. My "Tetris Mode" was also a way to imagine a solution, if I could have more than one piece on both sides of screen in Landscape Mode, because then I would not need to repeat any part of music, just paste all cropped pieces in one full screen!

NEW IDEA: If it could be possible to have a Double-Page vertical scolling (like Adobe Reader does?), but still with the existent ability to crop and repeat any part of a page, I think I could get to what I want... I am used to work in Portrait Mode with cropped Single Pages that I read in Vertical Scrolling (Top Alignement), so having Double-Page in Landscape using the same method should work just fine... there would have to be a common horizontal split line for both sides I guess, but since it would also be vertically linear, it wouldn't matter much compares to the advantages!

2. I refer to the method of Facing Pages (no Verso), Side by Side on a stand: only two pages at a time!
That method is used a lot in real life, mostly by single stand musicians, pushing the right page of a recto printed page pile to the left whenever the music permits (no eye contact loss), reveiling new pages behind the right page pile... inverse method is also great when need to go back one page, pushing the left side page to the right again!
I can't see why it would not be possible in the program, and I don't think any other software thought of doing it yet since they assume we always read on double-side printed music from a book-style part... but how much often have we read from a verso only photocopied loose page pile? I still do it after 30 years!

Thanks for your reading...

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