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Bug: Add Song To Setlist

I normally use a "Redo" Setlist to remember songs that I need to update.

Tonight, I decided that I needed a "Redo Pub" list to differentiate between the other groups I play with.

When a song is displayed (from a collection), pressing the "4 horizontal lines" icon at the bottom of the page  (7th from right) brings up the "Add Song to Setlist" dialog.

I can type in the new name but on pressing "Done",  the keyboard vanishes but  I can't get out of the dialog because it only shows a Cancel button on the bottom right; there is no OK (or whatever) to accept the newly entered text.

Not really an issue as I should be able to create the setlist externally and then select it from the available lists.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

That text field at the top is for filtering the list of available setlists. That dialog is only designed to allow you to add the current song to an existing setlist - it is not designed to allow you to create a new setlist and then add the song to it. If that is something you need, I can look into adding an option for that, but there are so many other ways to accomplish that goal that I'm not sure if it's worth it.  If it would help you though, I can add "Add song to new setlist" at the bottom left of the dialog which would prompt for a new name for the setlist and then add the song to it after creation.

That would explain it; I've always added to an existing Setlist.

One possible solution would be to prompt the user if they want it created when then select "Done" on the popup keyboard. This would save you having to add another option to the selection screen.

It is not a major issue as most will only be choosing from existing lists anyway.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
I don't think that would be intuitive though, as clicking done on the keyboard in this case basically just means 'dismiss it'. You are entering text into a search field, so I don't think most users would expect to enter a search term and if they click done after typing, they are suddenly asked to create a new setlist if there were no matches. I think a separate option would be necessary on the dialog if any change is to be made.


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