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How best to organize music
I organize my music completely differently.

I have >1,000 songs, including many orchestral keyboard parts and vocal scores (e.g. the Verdi Requiem is 144 pages, others are larger). I essentially never play from paper any more (left foot does not turn the page Smile ).

I deleted the Genre-s that come with MobilsSheetsPro, and created a Genre for each type of music I play: Classical Piano, Showtunes&Pop, Christmas Piano, Christmas Songs, Baritone Songs, ... -- use names that are most relevant for you and your library. I also created a Genre for each group with which I play, plus two more: "Working" and "Repertoire". Whenever I upload a PDF to MobileSheetsPro, I assign the relevant Genre(s). Now selecting Genre gives me just the songs I want (a specific group, my Working or Repertoire list, or simply Showtunes&Pop for sight-reading practice).

For large scores I usually put each movement into a separate file, starting its name with the movement number so they are automatically arranged in order (use 01, 02, ... if more than 9 movements). As I only have one large piece at a time per group/Genre, this works well (delete the whole piece after the concert).

I have two Hannspree 13" tablets for playing. I manage my music on a MacBook Pro (using VMware Fusion to run the Companion App in Windows 10). I never annotate or modify music using MobileSheets, I do it on the Mac in the PDF, and then upload to both tablets, keeping the two tablets in sync at all times. I have no need to backup the tablets, as I backup the Mac in 5 different ways.

I have found it difficult to navigate backwards with the pedal, especially multiple pages, and in the past I occasionally pressed the wrong pedal. So now both pedals do PageForward. I edit the PDF files to remove any repeats, copying them inline and whiting-out irrelevant staves, so I only move forward while playing.

I have been using MobileSheetsPro for many years, and I love it! This organization works well for me, but of course YMMV.

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