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Transpose text file in song editor
I use straight text files.  I would like use transpose in the editor to physically change the key from E to D so that when I get in to edit it I am now working in D.  Is this possible?  Transpose in the editor doesn't do anything.  I'm on MSP 2.0.9 for Android.
I will try to modify the code to correctly handle text files. Due to the fact that chords are not always clearly defined in text files, I will only transpose what I consider to be chord lines (where 75% of the words on the line are valid chords).

@T.B.Player: how about switching to ChordPro?
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Thanks Mike.  I use the forums to make sure I'm not missing how to do something.  It would be great if you could add this capability.  It would definitely be one of those "save at your own risk" things but the few times I saw a transpose in the viewer it looked good.  When I went in to make a correction it took me a while a realize I was seeing a transposed version so I would have had to make an "untransposed" correction.  I'm just using my stylus for now to change the viewer version.  Regarding ChordPro suggestion - I should  probably go in that direction - but I'm "just" a bass player and I can always find/make text files for me and the keyboard player and the band does play with key changes.  I just haven't looked at the ChordPro universe yet.
I already added it - it's available in the latest update. Give it a shot and let me know how it works for you.

I assume you mean text files with chords on top of the lyrics?

G                     G
Oh she dressed in the dark
And she whispered Amen

There are lots of tools that can convert this to the ChordPro equivalent

[G]Oh she dressed in the [G]dark
And she whispered A[D]men

and vice versa.
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