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Backup file from Android, restore to Windows

I've scaled back my practice and outside playing significantly, so the "glitch" not only doesn't happen as often, but also has little impact.  It's Ye Olde (Seemingly Random) Black Screen O' Rendering.  (Jump dots still render.) (Can be fixed by scrolling forward 3-4 screens and then back.)

To address a different issue (sorting/filtering), I've been in the Load Next Song only mode, (rather than the whole set list) and that seems to reduce the Black Screen Render frequency.  It's rare enough now that it surprises me when it occurs.

Given it's minimal overall impact, I'd rather you spend time on something with greater potential return.

LOVE THE PRODUCT!  It has really changed my playing life.


PS. Let me know when you're ready to let go of the Samsung.

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