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Scrolling Speed on Different Monitors????
If you use one of the scroll speed settings between slowest and fastest, they will scale their scrolling speed based upon the screen size. While your devices have different aspect ratios and resolutions, you should get pretty close results if you choose that approach. If you choose a fixed duration for the scrolling time, you will most likely get different results on each monitor as I don't scale that scrolling speed based upon the monitor size. Based upon your selection of 1.6, that would indicate that the entire height of the screen should be scrolled every 24 seconds. The orientation you use on each device and the relative size of each page on the screen will impact how long it will take to scroll through the entire song.

One potential option for a future update would be to specify the total number of seconds to use to scroll the entire song, but what this could result is the scrolling speed on each device appearing very different (as one device may have larger pages and thus more pixels to scroll through). If you prefer having that kind of option, I can certainly look into adding it.

If you are using a square annotation with a white fill for the background, that should not be moving around on the score if you are using a PDF. It should be saved relative to the raw PDF coordinates so when you load the song on a different device, it will scale to match the amount the PDF is scaled on that device. If this is not working, it would help to have a screenshot of each device so I can see how much the annotation is off from where it should be.


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RE: Scrolling Speed on Different Monitors???? - by Zubersoft - 04-04-2018, 04:09 PM

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