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Scrolling Speed on Different Monitors????
[quote pid='21096' dateline='1522904049']
Hi Mike,


Much further below are the results of the tests I did, BUT, I have found what causes the problem with the boxes moving. It seems to happen when MS is opened, a song is selected, and then the program IS DRAGGED TO ANOTHER SCREEN.

If a song is NOT selected first, then dragging MS to another screen causes no problems with the boxes AT ALL. Was that a big sigh of relief I just heard  Big Grin Perhaps if you could re-sample the apparent screen size/resolution when opening each song, you might be able to mitigate this issue????

On the subject of Scrolling the above "trick" doesn't fix the changing scrolling times, I'm afraid. I also tried the metronome timing method, but that seems to be effected by screen size too, so a variable fixed delay at the start of a song plus a timed scroll to the end would be very useful to me. I guess as more people start using the Windows 10 version and change monitors from time to time, the issue may become more pressing. It will be a pain to have to re-time the scrolling for every song whenever a user wishes to use a different device or screen size - for me at least ;-)

HOWEVER, I have discovered than when using the settings in the previous post for scrolling (with Page width set as the sizing), that if I size the width of the MS widow very carefully so I get about 20% more of the song showing before the scrolling starts, then the scrolling time is "adjustable". Does this imply that a check of the program's width could be a controlling factor in preserving the scrolling duration between different screens? I also tried running the program in a window on the bigger monitor sized with Display Fusion to 1280x1024, and the scrolling still ran considerably slower than required - about half speed)

I have also noticed on occasion that the scrolling speed suddenly slows down markedly near the end of a song, It seems to happen with this particular song every time, but I have noticed it to varying degrees with others.

Cheers - an apologies for this being so long!
This is still worth a read.... ================================
I am running version 2.1.3. It updated this morning. All my music files are PDFs.
  • I am using a Surface Book 2 laptop with a native screen resolution of 3000x2000
  • My preferred screen for MS is an old Sony LCD of 1280x1024 running in Portrait (Flipped) mode running via a Targus Dock
  • My second test monitor is 2560x1440 running via a Moshi HDMI adapter
  • I have an additional TV 1360x768 running HDMI from the same Targus Dock
I have just done the following test...
  1. Opened MS on the laptop screen and dragged it to the Sony LCD 1280x1024
  2. Pressed F11 to put MS in full screen mode
  3. Opened up a three page PDF of Walk Away Renee - no cropping of any pages as yet
  4. Created a Pen box on page two of the PDF
  5.  Dragged MS to 2560x1440 monitor sized to left half of screen to get MS into portrait mode - box has shifted down and to the right
  6. Restored MS to the full size on the 2560x1440 monitor - white square has moved as in 5.
  7. Dragged MS to Laptop Screen - White rectangle not seen on any page
  8. Restored MS to the full size of the 1360x768 monitor - white square has NOT MOVED AT ALL.
I then shutdown MS and repeated steps 4 - 8, and I got exactly the same result. Just to confirm, this is all using my Surface Book 2 as a device, and moving MS between the monitors specified.

I also tried creating a box starting on the 2560x1440 monitor, and moving MS across monitors. In each case the boxes moved out of position.

It is interesting that the two lower resolution monitors appear unaffected (even though one is in portrait and the other is in Landscape), while the two "better" monitors have significant differences. I cannot explain it....
Very happy to test further if I can help (rather than hinder). You can use TeamViewer to look at my system if you wish.


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