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Android 5 tablets unable to stay connected to group
I have 9 Android tablets (https://www.amazon.com/Insignia-Android-...B01F055FEK).

They are running Android 5 (lollipop).

I spent the week updating all of them to the latest MSP and spent hours adding Keys and Tempos to my 600+ songs on each tablet.

I use an Apple Airport Express at my gigs and have the tablets join the network and my tablet is the Master and the rest of the band are the slaves. The Airport gives no Internet connection...it's simply a closed Wifi network for tablets to join.

None of the tablets would stay connected to the group I created.  It was a 4 hour gig with over 50 songs and for whatever reason, the Master/Slave would not work. On a break, I tried to create a Group via Bluetooth but that didn't work either.

1. Is anyone else seeing issues with Master/Slave after the most recent update?
2. Should I look into buying more recent tablets since these tablets won't update past Android 5?

According to Google, Android 5 won't stay on a Wifi network that has no Internet connection. It will constantly try and dump that network and search for networks that can ping Google with and internet connection. So ... I bought "Best Wifi Keeper". It's an app that holds the Wifi connection even when there's no Internet connection.

Obviously there was a LOT of frustration at the event because musicians had to dig through the tablets to find the tunes we were playing next and that caused considerable down time between songs.

I don't know why Bluetooth connection wasn't working either. I updated all the tablets to the most recent MSP yesterday.

At any rate ... ANY suggestions are highly appreciated.
12 tablets (Insignia, ONN, Dragon Touch). Ranging from Android 5 to 9.
I "think" the issue lies with Wifi without internet access....at least thats my suspicion.

But, it doesn't explain the fact that the tablets wouldn't join together via the BlueTooth groups I tried to create.

When I'm on my home network with internet access, the tablets seem to Master/Slave alright.  But when I'm at a gig with my Airport Express router with no internet access, the tablets consistently drop the group connection every few seconds.

Is there a way to force Android to stay on a Wifi? Lollipop removed the options to drop a Wifi connection with bad reception so getting into "Wifi/Advanced" on my tablets isn't an option since the options were removed by Android.
12 tablets (Insignia, ONN, Dragon Touch). Ranging from Android 5 to 9.
Yes, internet access is the issue as described in this post https://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/forum...296&page=3 which you posted in, so you are aware.  I'm not sure why Bluetooth would impacted though - that shouldn't be happening, but Bluetooth isn't always as reliable/stable on every device I've found.  There is no option to force Android to stay on Wifi without the steps described in the other post. We can definitely focus on trying to resolve the issues with Bluetooth if you can't get that to work. You do have to pair together 9 tablets at once, so I'm not sure how well that will work as I've never tried more than about 4 or 5 (but encountered no issues when testing that).

Thanks mike. 

Apologies for multi-threading. 

We play at larger venues and really haven't gotten to a place to trust Bluetooth.  And as you said, synching 9 tablets at once is tricky.

I'm not sure what happened because before the updates, the Wifi Master/Slave was working fine.

I'm not a PC guy and tried to "root" my tablet and upload the captive_portal_detection_enabled = FALSE. 

I was able to root using adb shell but not sure if the terminal code took effect. I'm sort of lost when it comes to PC and terminal code.

At any rate ... I'm going to have to look at other options. Either buying new tablets so I can get a newer version of Android ... or hiring someone to mod Android so the above code is implemented. Not sure. Pretty frustrated.
12 tablets (Insignia, ONN, Dragon Touch). Ranging from Android 5 to 9.
Didn't mean to double thread. 

Most of this is discussed here

12 tablets (Insignia, ONN, Dragon Touch). Ranging from Android 5 to 9.

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