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Touch problem

I have MobileSheets a few days.
Everything works fine except for one small (but critical) problem:

When I touch the screen to turn a page, once every few times the touch does not turn the page.
The touch undoubtedly occurs because there is the indication of Windows that shows it (a momentary bubble on the screen).
It happens about once every ten or twenty touches. Sometimes even twice in a row.
I tried to understand why this was happening, I checked that I was touching the right place on the screen and so on. I could not find a reason. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it does not.

Has anyone encountered this problem? It's really problematic for me because I have to turn pages quickly and I do not have time to touch again.

Thank you
Hello Dvir,

Can you notice any pattern to when the page turn doesn't happen vs when it does? Are there any songs causing heavy load on the application or anything processing in the background that could maybe be causing performance issues? If you load individual songs, does the problem occur, or does it only happen with setlists? I haven't experienced this problem myself on my Surface Pro 4, but it would be helpful to know if any other users are encountering it. What kind of device are you currently using?

Hi, I have noticed a delay touching the screen when going from one song to another in a set list.
This never used to happen. It can be annoying because if you touch the screen again, thinking it has not worked, the new song is turned to the second or third page when it finally displays.
This did not happen before the latest updates.

Thanks, Kevin

Using Windows 10 MSP with Surface book.

Do you know which version you first started seeing that occur? I haven't changed a great deal in the rendering framework other than the new scaling options, and the only things that I've changed related to page turns are checks to see if tapping/swiping are disabled in the settings.

Hi Mike, thanks for your answer.

I don't think it's a performance problems. I'm using Dell Inspiron 13 7548 with i7 processor. I'm not experiencing any performance issues on my computer, or specifically in the app.
The problem appears in large and small PDF files.
Until now I have worked only with individual songs, not with setlists.

Any idea?
I will do some testing today with my Surface Pro 4 to see if I can reproduce this problem. If you have a setlist you would like me to test, please long press the setlist on the setlists tab and select Share->Export songs and files, and then send that .msf file to mike@zubersoft.com. That way I can use the same files as you during the test.

I have had this happen as well using Surface Book.
I dont know but maybe my recent experience is related to this problem. In 
you find my struggles to use a BT pedal (emulating a keyboard) with MS. Finally I ended up with a small python script to convert keyboard commands to midi commands so now MS is listening to midi commands for page turns. The difference between midi and keyboard triggers for pageturns is that with midi the MS app does not need to have a 'app focus' (the app you last clicked/touched) I am using a metronome app together with MS. If the metronome app has focus / is active (MS in the background)   , MS responds immedeatly to page turns. However , if MS is in focus there is similar behavior as described in this thread. Sometimes pageturns are not made, etc. SInce I can monitor my script I know that the midi events are send. To me this looks like that there is some strange bug in capturing/processing page turn events in particular.  Well maybe....
I'm not able to reproduce this issue so far while testing on my Surface Pro 4. I'm really going to need a setlist to test with or a copy of someone's library (with settings included).  I am going to look through the code for optimizations that can be made, but if I can't reproduce the problem, I'll just be shooting in the dark.

I spent some time debugging today and found an issue in the code that was causing major delays in processing, anywhere from 500 ms to 2 seconds, on the UI thread. This caused page turn animations to delay, jump to the next page, and caused the UI thread to be less responsive. With the fix in place, I no longer have any stuttering with page turns or long delays. I'll release an update very soon for this as it's a pretty critical issue for usability.

Thanks Mike! I appreciate your great support.

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