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Two page display
(07-11-2018, 06:56 PM)MelBonis Wrote: No Gvido for me.... I saved a lot of money ;-)

1. I have just found this on youtube:

2. And also, when I asked Gvido support how all my existing pdfs would go to there, I got an email saying in short:
a pdf should be less than 1 MB, best would be Grey, 200dpi, and really advisably to have small files, because turning pages would slow down and the quality of the files can get worse....

One should always take things veeery serious if already a seller is warning you, haha.

Mike, something I have thought about before is 2 page display. I know you have a feature where you can link tablets together to play in a group but I've never used it cos I play solo. Would it be possible to link two tablets together and have one displaying the subsequent page displayed? When page turn is selected on the first tablet, both tablets could turn 1 page. This would show the new "next page" on the right hand tablet. Just a thought.
(05-29-2018, 07:56 AM)BrizzoRay Wrote: I play in multiple amateur "big bands" so I deal with several thousand parts for my particular instrument, most of which occupy two pages.   I have been preparing for three years for the transition to paperless by scanning or entering problematic instrumental parts into Sibelius then copying and pasting to make them linear, ensuring that no repeat section straddles a page break.   I try to put the page break where there are bars of rest but this is not always possible.    Some old dance music from the 1940-1960 era is formatted in dual staves to suit large or small bands with or without a vocalist but I have reformatted those into a single staff to avoid the repeat from the end of the top staff back to the beginning of the bottom staff.

Dual folding tablets are becoming available from Gvido, PadMu and NoteNotes but they are extremely expensive and the buyer is locked in to their app whereas with an Andrloid tablet or an IPAD the user is free to choose the app (e.g. Mobile sheets) for Androids.
Another year has passed and I still do not have a two-page lifesize display device.   I need a lifesize display because I am old and my eyesight is not as good as it was.   People have described how they use two Android tablets and the MobileSheets application for seeing two pages of music at the same time.    All I need now is for a 14 or 15 inch Android tablet to become available in  an Australia store so that I can buy two of them and get help if there is a problem.   I will transport the two tablets in a Deer River sheet music folder but I will have to lift them out of the pockets after I place the folder on a music stand.
Incidentally I tried the book mode two days ago and after a bit of fiddling to get the right settings it worked better than I expected. I had my Surface Pro as master, my Xperia Z4 as slave and used 1 page browsing (so the next page is moved from the slave to the master).

There is one flaw there yet. When I got to the last two pages (next to last on the master at the left, last one on the slave to the right) I couldn't move the page from the slave to the master and even worse the master left the song altogether, so I lost the sheet during playing.

Expected and correct behaviour would be that the last page gets transferred to the master as well (and either stays on the last on the slave or something else, like showing the next page of a song in the setlist), especially since I have in my settings that the song should not be changed by pedal.

Also I was missing some of the advantages of vertical scrolling which understandably something different from bookmode. But I would really like a book mode where the pages of the book are displayed like a "page" in vertical scrolling so you can have all the cropping and clipping can be shown on one page (know what I mean? With cropping and clipping I often have two or even three pages shown on one page which are displayed separately in book mode).
I can work on adjusting the behavior to allow the last page to be displayed on the master - that shouldn't be hard to do.  Displaying multiple pages per tablet is a different beast though. That would cause significant complexity in each tablet knowing what pages they are responsible for and knowing what page each one should skip to with each page turn. Unlike the vertical scrolling display mode, I'd have to do multiple passes to figure out which pages can be fully displayed and which can't so that I don't display part of a page on one tablet. Perhaps long term I could try to tackle something like this, but in the short term, I can't bite off something this complex off as it's really like an entirely different kind of book mode instead of just a small change to the existing design.

BTW, nice that I can connect the tablets with Bluetooth and also can change the master with a Bluetooth pedal at the same time. It's probably due to the Surface being able to connect to more than one BT device at the same time. I guess that's something that not all tablets are able to do.
Have you guys heard about those:


I think it's cheaper than Gvido (under $900 USD), but it is Android 7.1, only 32GB of internal memory and no USB-C.
After experiencing for a while with touchscreen monitor on a stand (K&M has gear for a VESA mount on a low profile microphone stand), it is still too bulky to have wires going to a mini-PC etc...
I've been using a 7" Asus Memo Pad with Mobilesheets and have paired it with a 24" AOC TV monitor to display all of my sheet music. An Asus Miracast dongle takes care of the wireless feed from the tablet to the monitor and gets plugged into the HDMI port at the base of the monitor. Page turning is accomplished with a bluetooth Pageflip Cidada pedal. The monitor is mounted to an Audio 2000 flat panel tripod and the Memo Pad is attached to the piano stand via a Hercules tablet holder.

I admit that it's likely not the most portable solution but it's a pretty stable platform for home use. I think the monitor set me back <$200 Cdn and the tablet was around $100 Cdn.

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