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Landscape - Single Page - Half-page Scroll - Crop
Hello, MS users!
I am a long time user of Windows-based music software and am trying to figure out the method to use MobileSheets to view my PDF sheet music (yes, simplistic opening). I use an iPad at church to read my Sheet Music, but need to use my Windows 10 laptop (with 64bit software) for a different venue. Also, with Finale, I create most of my sheet music.

As far as ease of use, the Two Page Mode In MS is great, but at 68yo, harder to read (?). Having used paper sheet music since High School, I’m used to the consistency of the pages. This (finally) leads to my question: How to best view pages in Landscape mode with a PageFlip pedal (I play a Wind Instrument)?

Single Page with Next Page pedal action doesn’t work because of the page length. Half Page Display with Half Page turns doesn’t work because the page turns land in the middle of staves. Cropping the pages is odd because of differences of the displayed “pages” (some are much larger than the previous page due to cropping out the white space of a page with only two or three staves).

MS is a great app (most of our church orchestra uses it on their Android tablets - I was using my iPad when I convinced them to go paperless). I just can not figure out an effective way to display the pages in Landscape (affording me an easier to read page). “User Assigned” Page Breaks would be great, but I am not using text docs where ChordPro script could be used.

Can anyone, please, offer a suggestion?

Thanks for your patience!

Hello Doug,

About the only thing that sounds like it will work for what you want is the single page display in landscape with half page display and half page turns. Then, for each page in the song, tap on the icon at the bottom of the overlay that looks like a half page with dotted lines above and below it. This lets you set the half page positions for the first half and second half. You can then ensure that content isn't cut off (if you have very tight margins, this may not be possible). If you can't adjust the half page turns because there is no margin at the top or bottom of the page to give you some wiggle room with where the half page lands, then the next idea would be to use a pedal to turn the pages. Using a pedal (or connected mouse/keyboard), you could have 33% of the page turned at a time, eliminating the half page turn problem. It does mean that you would be pressing a pedal a lot though, which for some people is an issue. The last idea is to use the automatic scrolling which would scroll a percentage of the page at a time, and you could adjust the pause duration appropriately. 

One idea that I haven't suggested here would be to add a new option. Instead of providing a "half page turns in lansdcape mode" option, I would change this to "Partial page turns" with a field beside it that would accept the percentage of the page to turn with each tap (leaving 50% as the default). This would require a little bit of work, but if it would be helpful to people, I'm open to exploring it.

Thanks, Mike! I’ve tried all but you’re last suggestion. The one that I thought would work would be you’re second method (page size adjustment), but I couldn’t get a good handle on its operation (at least not on the laptop). I get the half-page size adjustment (second page sizing is a little fuzzy), but’s what happens if there’s is a little over-run on the second half? Since there is no “third half”, the bottom of the page is cut off.

I’m glad that your suggestions confirmed that I was, at least, using the correct methods. I just need to get more functional with MS (forScore on the brain).

Thanks again for your usual amazingly quick response!

I’ll work with this some more after I get some grass cut (since the flooding has subsided a little).

Correct - the bottom of the page will be cut off, which is why you would basically need to have margins at the top and bottom of the page for it to work well (so that it doesn't matter if that gets cut off in the process). Otherwise I only see partial page turns or the automatic scrolling providing what you need. If you have other ideas, I'm always open to suggestions/feedback.

KThat was the way to go (half-page sizing)!
I paid closer attention to the message at the top of the page and managed to get the scrolling to line up with my staves. I can now go back and fine tune my page adjustments. I assume this is an “auto-save” situation, correct?

One more question, please: Is there no way to exit MS (other than closing the window on the Task Bar)?

Thanks again,

Yes, as you drag each half into place, it's automatically saving that position when you let go. 

To exit the Windows 10 version, drag down from the top of the screen (or hit f11) and then tap the X at the top right. That's the fastest way to exit the app. 


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