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Keyboard with W10
I'm only now exploring MSP with W10 and I was wondering:

Is it intentional that the keys ESC, arrows and page up/down don't work in MSP? Or am I missing something?

I'd really like to scroll through the lists and the sheets and setlists with arrows and pgup/down. Also I'd really like to use the ESC key to leave a screen or a box when I'm using a normal keyboard with the W10 version.

Has this been discussed before? If so I missed it.
In order to use arrows and page up/page down with the list, you would need to first introduce focus on the list either by clicking (you can right-click twice) or by tabbing through things. I just verified this by tabbing to the list then pressing page down multiple times.

As for ESC, I try to support that where I can, and for most dialogs, pressing ESC does close them. I've also verified that. Leaving screens is not as easy though, as that is not handled automatically by Microsoft's framework and I have to add key handlers to various screens to detect when ESC is pressed. This is dangerous though, because those key handlers don't rely on focus (they are triggered all the time), so if you have a dialog up and you press ESC to cancel the dialog, the underlying screen gets the ESC key and would process it. So I've added code to try to detect the scenario when dialogs are present and ignore ESC in those situations. If there are certain parts of the application where ESC is not working and you want it to, let me know and I can investigate it.

Right, tabbing and arrows/pageup/down work on the list. (Sorry, I used the wrong keyboard before, connected to another device). But I think I prefer if the focus starts on the list so one can scroll immediately.

The one case I'm missing the ESC (or maybe even the Backspace) function most is when I want to get back from the song display to the list. There might be more, but it feels unnatural to me on the desktop not to be able to leave the song display back to the previous list with a keystroke. And there shouldn't be underlying screens affected by ESC (or Backspace) in this case.

Ah yes, and scrolling with arrows in the song view doesn't work neither. It would be nice to scroll up and down with the arrows and to go to the next/previous song in the list with pg up/down so one can nicely browse the library or lists with the keyboard.
I used to support going back from the song display to the library screen by using escape, but I ran into issues where if I wanted to use escape for canceling out of other windows, it was triggering the escape to go back to the library screen also due to the issue I explained before where the key listener is not focus based. The problem is that the escape key will get triggered for the dialog first, closing it, then it will get propogated to the listener who thinks there are no dialogs showing so it will process the escape key to return back to the library screen. I don't have a good answer for dealing with this in a clean way. I would most likely have to add tons of code everywhere tracking how long it's been since a dialog was up and ignoring the escape key only if a dialog hasn't been up for a period of time (or some other nonsense like that). It just seems like more trouble than it's worth. You can always assign your own key press action in the settings (like tilde or backspace) to return to the library screen. As a side note, if the song display has active keyboard focus, hitting escape will return to the library screen. 

As far as starting focus out on the list, I've gone ahead and changed the code to do that.

I'm not going to change the song view to respond to arrow commands for scrolling the list up and down like that because those are used for bluetooth pedals. You can assign the arrow keys and page up/down to whatever you want under the pedal actions. If you want the arrows to scroll up or down, pick one of the scroll options for that.

Re: "You can always assign your own key press action in the settings (like tilde or backspace) to return to the library screen."

How? I've looked through all the setting in the app and searched the manual...
Go to Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Pedal Actions and assign the return to library action to the key you want to tie it to.

(07-18-2018, 01:59 PM)Zuberman Wrote: Go to Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Pedal Actions and assign the return to library action to the key you want to tie it to.


Got it, thanks! I thought that section was only useful for pedal inputs since I don't have a touch screen. Added backspace to a non-existent pedal for return to library action and it works great from the keyboard.

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