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MobileSheets & Surface Book 2 Display Size
First off, I am new to all of this so bear with my ignorance and the redundancy if it has been covered.
Also, sorry for the novel…
I create scores/leadsheets in software and have it all as PDF files that I print and put in 3 ring binders. I want to buy a tablet for obvious reasons but my question is; how big will the score appear with MobileSheets on the tablet screen. While this may sound simple to some, my head is about to explode with aspect ratios, scaling and all of that stuff.
Unfortunately, that question is holding up my decision on WHAT tablet to buy since I don’t want anything smaller than what I have on the sheets I print and use now.
I have narrowed down my tablet choice to the Microsoft Surface Book 2 (for many reasons) however, the bigger question for me is do I get the 13.5” or the 15” both of which have a 3:2 aspect ratio. While the simple answer would be "bigger is better", I’d rather not spend the extra money on a larger display if I really don’t need it.
Has anyone used either Surface Book 2 with MobileSheets and if so, how is it working for you?
Here is some info that may help:
When I create a lead sheet in my software, I do it in letter versus A4 size for many reasons and output from the software as a PDF. However, when it is PRINTED from the PDF some scaling occurs in the conversion/printing process unless I tweak the PDF settings each time, which is cumbersome.
The result is my printed copy is slightly smaller than what I see on screen BUT that is OK. I just don’t want MobileSheets to display my scores smaller than the printed pages I am using now.
I realize that MobileSheets has scaling settings but what would really help is if someone has access to a Surface Book 2 with the 13.5” screen or an equivalent display with MobileSheets installed. If so, could you physically measure the size of a score on the screen?
Size Details:
On a PRINTED LETTER sized score sitting in front of me outputted with the normal margin settings I use in my software the actual left & right system margins are approximately 12mm (7/8”) and the staves are about 7mm (11/32”) wide. The top & bottom margins are approximately 9mm (3/8”).
This makes a score I print only 7” X 10.25” between the printed margins.
If MobileSheets displays with these dimensions or larger on a 13.5 screen I will be a VERY happy musician and I will be able to decide which Surface Book 2 to buy, even if I have to go to the 15” size.
I have attached a sample PDF leadsheet I created for a size comparison.
Thank you in advance for any help or insight you can provide!!

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