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Need help syncing libraries

  Newbie here. Just bought MobileSheets and loaded it and its Companion tool onto my Win10 Pc. I also have a tablet (Microsoft Surface Pro4), and I loaded MobileSheets on it. I added a few songs into the MS library on the PC and was able to connect MS running on the tablet to the Companion tool running on the PC, transferring the few files to the tablet OK. So far, so good.

  I next added about 900 songs into the MS library on the PC, and then tried to "sync libraries" between the PC and the tablet. I could not get the new added songs on the PC to transfer to the tablet. Here I am stuck. Tried to follow the steps in the manual, but I am lost. (I read that we can't run both MS and the Companion on the PC at the same time..... this has me confused further...)

  When I run "sync library" from MS running on the PC, and select "synchronize to another device", I get a screen that is asking to "Create Server".... which really has me confused (image attached).. 

  What steps should I follow to transfer the songs from the MS library on the PC to the tablet?

thanks for the support,

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Surface 4, 4GB
I figured it out. I was confused as to what the Companion tool is used for, and tripped up by some of the text in the manual.
So for others, this is what I found (and what worked for me). If any of the following needs correcting, please let me know, but I got it to wotk.

The Companion Tool is not needed to transfer files from the Server to the Client (PC to tablet in my case). It took me a bit to figure this out. I don't remember reading that anywhere in the manual....

The text on p133 in the manual (about synchronizing libraries) says:
"After the settings have been selected, the server device can click “Create Server” to begin the merge. The client should automatically detect the server device if using WiFi, but you can also tap “Direct Connect” on the client side to enter the server’s IP address if necessary. If automatically detected, the server will show up in the list. Tap the server name to select it, then tap the “Connect” button to initiate the connection. The server device should then show the connected client device"

The above text had me confused. These steps worked after some trial and error:

On the Server (the PC in my case)
1)   tap the upper right ‘overflow button’ on the MS library screen and select “Sync Library”, select "Synchronize to a device"
2)     review the fields on the next page, make any necessary changes (none in my case), then click “Create Server” (which really means “Start library Synchronization”). The wording of this button really had me confused.

On the Client (the tablet in my case), start up MS
1)     Tap the upper right ‘overflow button’ on the library screen and select “Sync Library” (this was not mentioned in the manual)
2)     On screen choose the name of the server (the PC name in my case), then click “connect” button. The transfer then happens.
Again, no need to use the Companion to do the transfer.

Hope this is useful to someone.

Surface 4, 4GB
The manual was updated last night to include sections for library synchronization. It sounds like you might have been referencing the section that allows you to have one master device control slave devices. I'm glad you figured out how to get the synchronization working.


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