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Dual tablets
Pianists can use a large-screen notepad computer and a slave monitor for viewing two pages of music but other musicians need something that will fit on a sturdy music stand or on a big-band front.   Specialized dual-screen musical display devices can display two life-size pages but the are extremely expensive and the are operated by a special stylus instead of by a finger.    The Samsung 18.4 inch Android tablet showed promise but it has been discontinued.    This takes me to plan "B" where special software allows one tablet (Android of IPAD) to  use the screen of a second identical tablet just like computers can spread their display over multiple monitors.   A musician could cable two identical tablets together in a custom made hinged folder and enjoy a view of two pages at one time, eliminating  the majority of page turnovers for non-pianists.    QUESTIONS:   Does such software exist?   Do hinged folders exist for a pair of tablets?

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