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Same Song, different Versions for different bandmembers
I've never used master/slave functionality, so I'm not sure I'm talking sense...

Can't you do something with collections? You have a master collection, and group all capo songs in a CAPO selection, all sax songs in a SAX collection, and so on.

So you have [master]MySong, [CAPO]MySong, [SAX]MySong (where [...] denotes the collection).
The sax player will select (filter?) collection SAX, etc..

Now, if you open MySong on the master, MSPro on the sax player will look for MySong and since his tablet is set to collection SAX, it will choose MySong from the SAX collection.

I don't think this will work already, but maybe it is relatively easy to add to MSPro while waiting for the song versions.

But, opening a song is one, what about paging? All variants of a song would need to have the exact same page breaks.
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