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Important - SD card change in 2.3.7
In version 2.3.7 of MobileSheetsPro for Android, I made a change that disables the option for users to move MobileSheetsPro in their tablet settings to an SD card. There are several reasons for this including:
  • SD card access is typically slower than internal storage and I don't want the database stored on the SD card for this reason
  • The storage location in the application won't be updated to reflect the move so all of the existing songs in the library will fail to load. This only matters if the default storage location was used.
  • It's not safe to store the database on the SD card especially if the user plans on not always having the SD card in (and loads MobileSheetsPro without realizing this).
The proper way to store your library on an SD card is to set the storage location for MobileSheets under Settings->Storage->Set MobileSheets Storage Location. Either tap the SD card on the dialog that is displayed and use the OS assigned application folder (which will have the fastest read/write speeds), or pick your own folder on the SD card using the folder icon (which will have much slower write speeds).

Unfortunately, I had incorrectly assumed that making this change would only impact new installs of MobileSheetsPro and existing installations would be unmodified. That is not the case - existing users will find that if they moved MobileSheetsPro to an SD card in the talbet settings that it will be moved back to internal storage as part of the update. If there isn't enough free space in internal storage, the user will see an error code such as 963 while updating MobileSheetsPro (and the update will fail). In this case, the user must do the following:
  1. Back up their library under Settings->Backup and Restore->Backup Library
  2. Clear their library under Settings->Other Settings->Clear Library
  3. Update MobileSheetsPro
  4. Set their storage location to the SD card
  5. Restore their library from that backup file (do not restore settings). 
That will eliminate the error. I'm sorry to any users who are impacted by this. I really needed to change that setting to prevent users from accidentally breaking their libraries.


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Important - SD card change in 2.3.7 - by Zubersoft - 09-02-2018, 08:57 AM

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