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Annotating with coloured background
Hi Mike

A very minor point.

I occasionally add an text annotation using a background colour to make it stand out e.g. white text on a red background.
To improve the look, I would like to be able to extend this red background by using a space at either end of the true text.
This is fine for the left of the box but doesn't work at the end (probably because you strip trailing blanks).

Any chance that you don't strip trailing blanks if the background of the text is non white (or differs from the general background of the pdf if it is non-white).

Another mechanism, and perhaps easier to implement as you don't have to worry about the general colour of the pdf, is to add a non breaking space to the drop down "Insert" control.

As I said at the start, a very minor point (and you probably have more important things to test/code)

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Hey, Geoff,

I think I run into this issue pretty often.  My workaround is to add a period at the end (this extends the color to the period).

But, maybe Maybe Mike can tweak the program so the work around is not needed. 

Would it cause any problems if trailing blanks are always kept as entered by the user?
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Nice to know I'm not the only one who has met this.
I did add a trailing fullstop last time I wanted it but it looked strange because the text was a single word rather than a sentence.

Sounds reasonable to me (for existing annotations, any trailing spaces should have been stripped already; for new annotations, the user can see the effect and adjust accordingly)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
I'll look into this to see why trailing spaces are being stripped. In the meantime, expand the text annotation settings window so that you can see the option for "Auto-size textbox". Disable that. Now you can make the textbox as wide as you want (and as tall) without even needing to add spaces. Let me know if this will work for you.


Thanks for your reply - I hadn't seen that option.

Yes it does work but, generally speaking I do find it difficult to "grab" the anchors when resizing annotations (both lines and text). I think this is called FFS (Fat Finger Syndome).
I know that I can pinch "Zoom out" to temporarily make the controls bigger but I usually forget in the "heat of the moment".

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
When creating new text annotations, you can drag your finger to specify the size of the textbox. So that will at least be easier than resizing.


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