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Ordering pages when I have multiple files (.png images) in song
I am using the "Convert PDF to Images" tool in MobileSheets Companion (File => Convert PDF to Images) to bring my sheet music into MS.
The result of this gives multiple .png files for each song in a pdf document. As an example, one song has 6 .png files.
I then import these 6 .png files into MS (Import => Local File) into a song in the library.

I now want to reorder these 6 "pages" in the Song Editor. I can't fgure out how to do this. The page reorder function appears to be looking for one pdf with multiple pages, not multiple .png files.
I attached a screenshot.



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Surface 4, 4GB
If you want to reorder pages when using images, just drag the handles next to each file name in the list to reposition that file. If you are wanting to duplicate pages, you'd have to add the same image file multiple times. The page order feature is really designed for PDFs, as you noticed, as I store that page order field per file (as you could have multiple PDFs in one song and each one might have a custom page order). Due to that design (page order being assigned per file), there isn't an easy way with images to have an overall song ordering. So you'll either have to stick with PDF, or achieve a custom page ordering by importing the same files multiple times and putting them in the order you desire. If you import the same file multiple times, it may warn you about the file existing - just tap that you want to use the existing file (overwrite also works).

Thanks Mike. But I don't see any handles next to each .png file name to move them. I only see a "delete" button next to each file name (on the right side of each name).
I attached a screenshot of what I see.

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Surface 4, 4GB
Yes!  Just found out:
- On Win10 PC: if I long press with the left mouse button on one of the .png files, I can move it around to reorder the .png files in the song :-)   (but no handles exist that I can see)

- On Surface Pro4 tablet: if I long press a .png file, a "copy to clipboard" popup box appears. If I continue pressing on the .png file while clicking the "Ok" button (in the copy to clipboard popup), I can then move the .png file to where I want in the order list. Strange behavior, but it appears to work ;-)

Then the next question is: it looks like if I "copy to clipboard" one of the .png files in the list, is there a way to paste it back as a new .png flie? (with a different name)

Yes, I can "re-import" the song with the additional .png files as you suggest, but I'd like to be able to do this on the Surface tablet (while I'm sitting at the piano), rather than running back to the PC where the .png files live. Can I copy and paste one of the existing .png files while I'm on the tablet?

thanks again!
Surface 4, 4GB
When I added the option to right-click an entry in the list to copy the path to the clipboard, I forgot about the impact that would have when reordering songs in the Windows 10 version. I will fix that - thanks for letting me know. The "copy to clipboard" option is just to copy the file path, not to copy the file itself. I probably should update the text to read "copy path to clipboard".

As far as reimporting an existing file, you can do that on your surface tablet. Just tap the folder and navigate to your storage location (Listed under Settings->Storage->Set MobileSheets Storage Location but the default is C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Packages\41730Zubersoft.MobileSheets_ys1c8ct2g6ypr\LocalState), and find your file in there.


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