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Email Sharing
Would there be a way to allow for easy exportation of files to email from the mobilesheets app without digging through image files in my tablet? An example is when I want to send something to a private lessons student after looking it over during the lesson.
This is a planned feature that I have not had time to implement yet. I'm going to introduce my own file format that contains the song metadata and all of the files for the song. When you export a song, you will be able to email that one file, or upload it to Dropbox from within MobileSheets. I wish I had more time so I could get these features added faster, but I'm afraid you will just have to be patient with me Smile
Patient I shall be.

Just one question for this; When you email it, will you be able to email it so that a person without mobile sheets can then view it (as in email it as an image file) in addition to mobilesheets users?
No, that would not be possible based on what I was taking about. I guess the best approach is that I should support sending the files from a song or the MobileSheets file format, which is the song metadata + files. Does that work for you?
I... think so?
Sorry to revive an old thread, but I'd like to see this too. Since several people in our group don't use MobileSheets, it would be nice to have them able to obtain the PDF or image file associated with the song entry. If you still need to export the metadata/annotations along with the file (a great plan for those of us using MS) what about enclosing metadata XML plus the image file in a zip archive? That way, the mundane non-users can extract the image/pdf(s) easily enough, and the users can simply import everything with a button click.
I tend to think the real solution is to be able to render annotations to pdf. This will also give us peace of mind even if the app crashes and we lose everything, if we save the rendered pdfs, we are still okay. Also, we can share the rendered pdfs with anyone.

I think Mike was working on that.
I'm currently neck deep in the rearchitecturing of MobileSheets to support all sorts of new capabilities. Being able to save annotations permanently to PDFs is something I'm going to try to work on after I release v5.0.0, as it may require very big changes to allow for the modification of existing annotations in PDFs.

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