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Song and Setlist Notes - Feedback wanted
I'm not sure it really makes sense to have a selection in that dialog to indicate which notes to use. If you want to use song notes in a setlist, then don't specific setlist notes. If you want to use setlist notes, then enter setlist notes. If you want to show both at the same time, then I can understand wanting to have a selection for that, but I'm not really sure I understand the use case scenario for that. I guess if there are some notes for a song you always want to see, and then some setlist specific notes in addition to those, you'd want them both displayed. I'll have to think about how I want to visualize that on the screen though. Should I just join the two notes together with a couple of line breaks between them? Or should I make the separation more visible?  As far as not auto-showing the notes, that is already the default, and you can select whether or not to show the setlist notes and song notes on that dialog (the settings for each are saved independently). 

daisysunny - yes, that's exactly how setlist notes work. If you load a different setlist with that song in it, you can have completely different setlist notes and settings for those notes.

brx - That's already how it works... I show the song notes as default, setlist notes only if the song is loaded as part of that setlist and if notes have actually been entered. The only question is about editing - if you want to edit song/setlist notes, which one should I show by default? That is what the original user was asking to change. They want song notes to always be the first thing edited, and users would have to switch to setlist notes if they want to edit those.

jeffn1 - That's already how it works. What you call "portable song notes" are song notes that are entered if you load the song by itself. Setlist notes can only be specified for song when you load the setlist and then go to the notes dialog. Those notes are only for that one setlist - you can enter different notes for other setlists.

Thanks all,

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RE: Song and Setlist Notes - Feedback wanted - by Zubersoft - 10-05-2018, 02:18 AM

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