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Swiping on a song to go into edit mode.
I got myself so fouled up with the scrolling issues that I ended up having to reset my defaults. But that means I also lost my ability to swipe the screen to go into edit mode. Now I can't find where that setting is. Any clues?
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I'm not aware of a way to swipe to annotate or edit a song. You can disable swiping to turn pages, and you can set one of the tap actions to load the annotations editor (is that what you mean when you say edit mode or do you mean the actual song editor?). I don't think I've ever supported triggering actions when swiping though.

Have you accidentally enabled performance mode?

Display a song, tap near bottom right and check that the centre icon is white (tap it if not)

@Mike: This seems to catch a lot of people out - could MSP detect "many" of attempts to enter editing and show a fading transparent "do you want to disable performance mode" dialog?

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Sorry, I seem to have posted this in the wrong forum by accident.  That's what I get by trying to do things on my phone since I had already turned off the computer for the evening.  This was supposed to be in the MSP Android forum.

When a song is displayed, I can swipe from upper right to lower left to cause the editing icons to appear at the top and bottom of the screen.  I only found out about this because of a message you posted many months ago (in Tips & Tricks, I believe) in which you indicated how to enable this feature.  When I set things back to defaults I lost this capability.  I have looked for that message but can't find it.  It was a global feature.  I have never seen any option related to this feature, so perhaps it was never formally introduced into the software.

By the way, I have my backup copy of MSP on another smaller tablet.  It still works correctly with the diagonal swipe there.  I guess I could do things the hard way by restoring from a backup I made about a week ago.  The backup includes MSP settings.

Perhaps had I posted this in the correct forum someone else might have seen it and remembered how to do it.

Geoff:  I did check and I am not in performance mode (which would totally disable the editing feature.)  I can still get into the editing feature by a single tap, but I would like to have the swipe back.  Too often I would touch the screen or something and get into editing mode when I didn't want to be there.  It was annoying.
NuVision 13.3" Full HD - 16GB - Android Internet Tablet with Keyboard Case, Stand & Stylus (TM1318) - Purple
I believe you are referring to the "Overlay Toggle Mode" which is under Settings->Display Settings. You can set it to tap, long press or diagonal swipe I believe.

Ah ha!!!  That was it!!  It was hiding in plain sight.  Thanks much!
NuVision 13.3" Full HD - 16GB - Android Internet Tablet with Keyboard Case, Stand & Stylus (TM1318) - Purple

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