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File Under Option, Field for Lyricist and Hover Info With Mouse Pointer

What you are describing sounds to me like having a new field for "alternate song titles" where the same song would show up multiple times in the song list under different titles. The song would not show up multiple times in ordered lists like setlists/collections/etc. This type of feature would only apply to the songs tab. I can certainly look into trying to add support for that in the future, but there may be some design issues I haven't considered yet. 

I do plan on adding more custom fields that users will be able to rename and use as they see fit. I just haven't had time for that among all the other feature requests.

I haven't added tooltips in the Windows 10 version for all the icons as it requires a significant number of new translations for all 11 supported languages.  I will certainly try to do this at some point after I've delivered other promised functionality. The reason I haven't made this a priority is that tooltips only work for users with a mouse, and I believe the majority of MobileSheets users are using a tablet (tooltips don't work with a finger).

Thanks for the feedback (and thank you for the kind words of support BRX),

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