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Returning to Song Library - list jumps back to near start
I have noticed for a while that when I select a song from the SONGS tab, then use the back screen arrow (top left) to return to the library, the SONG list jumps back to the "B" row rather than remaining in the originally selected row. 

This is something of a pain when wishing to play through an alphabetical list of songs.

Is this by design, or have I found a bug?

Many thanks
John in Sunny Carnarvon - Western Australia
(10-25-2018, 02:35 PM)JBlyth Wrote: Is this by design, or have I found a bug?

It's neither, your problem is local.  Pressing the back button should return you to the place you started from in the Songs list.

I'd make a backup and then re-install MSP as a first try to solve this.

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I definitely can't reproduce what you are describing John. If I load a song in the Windows 10 version and then hit the back button (either the one exposed by dragging down the windows title bar or the one in the song overlay), I'm returned exactly to where I was previously (the list doesn't move).  There is only one exception to that - if I enable Settings->Library Settings->Clear Filters After Load, the list shifts slightly as the list is repopulated and the scroll position is changed slightly as a result.

I have done some experimentation following on from Graeme and Mike's comments. Clear Filters After Load is inactive...

I have deleted and then reinstalled the app, and then restored a backup.

  • If I open a song from the SONG tab and "expose" the orange left arrow button at the top left of the screen (this is in full screen mode), the app goes back to the previous point in the SONGS tab, with the previously selected song highlighted by a box - great, it works as you describe.
  • If I open the 100th song in my list "You Won't See Me", then click on the screen area set to "Return to Library", the SONGS return point is in somewhere between the "I" and "N" part of the list. If I open "Mable Halls, the return point is in the "B" part of the list. No song is highlighted with a selected box.
  • If I click on the centre of the screen to go to the editing page, then I click the WHITE left arrow (one line "down" from the orange arrow), it acts as I described immediately above.
So, to summarise. If I use the orange arrow to return to the SONGS list, it returns to the same song in the SONGS list. If I use the overlay white arrow or the touch screen, it returns to somewhere near the top of the SONGS list - but not always the top!

This has been happening on my Microsoft Surface Book 2 since I first installed it many months ago....

I have just made another discovery....

If I use scrolling such as "Scroll the Entire Song in a Fixed Time", which is my standard scrolling method, I find the the ORANGE back key fails to return to the correct place in the SONGS tab, and there is no highlighting box shown. The new position in the SONGS list seems to be a little random depending on how far down the  list the chosen song was.

Also if I select a song, then click on it to go to the edit page, the ORANGE arrow also fails to return to the correct place in the SONGS tab.

It only seems to work correctly if the song is not scrolled and not centre clicked to get to the edit mode. Very strange....

Hope this helps a little.

Which version are you currently running?


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