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Latest update - audio issues
(11-04-2018, 02:35 AM)Zuberman Wrote: If you change the audio player layout to the largest size (3) and then you tap the icon with multiple music notes, it will add all tracks to one list. Then you can crossfade between them.  Crossfading between tracks owned by different songs presents a lot more problems with the current design. If you set it up to crossfade tracks but then you never change the song that is displayed, for example, MobileSheetsPro will be playing a track that isn't even in the track list and once the current track finishes and it's supposed to switch to display the next track in the audio player, problems will arise.  The only way that would work is if I modified the audio player to basically always load all tracks from all songs in a setlist if crossfading is enabled. If that's something you would like me to do, I can certainly look into doing that.


The reason I would like crossfade between songs is so that I can use the audio player to play a synth pad sound behind a song and then when I switch to another song it will cross fade to a different pad (either a different sound or different key). The amount of time I want the pad to play for is not predetermined; I would like the crossfade to start when I switch songs. The audio files containing the synth pad are normally much longer than the songs, so the audio file finishing before I've switched is not a problem. If the next song has no audio attached to it then I would just like the old audio to fade out. The additional option to fade out when I stop the audio would be ideal.
This is pretty typical situation for small Christian worship bands.
So to summarize the logic:
1. The first song in set list that has audio (which may not be the first song), will either start playing automatically (because it's set to start on load), or because I've pressed the button or triggered it in some other way
2. On the switching to the next song crossfade to the audio owned by that song. 
3.  Keep doing this for each next song, unless that song has no audio in which case fade to nothing. The next song after that will be like step 1 again.
4. When I stop the audio on the last song with a button press or trigger fade to nothing.
This could be achieved by loading all the audio of the setlist at the same time and switching through them on next page. If one of the songs in the middle of the list didn't have audio it would be a problem. A hack to solve it might be to create a silent audio file.
All this could be more complex than you want to fix at the moment!
Currently when the next song is selected the current audio finishes with a distinct click. If you could fix this so that it finishes silently (rapid fade to zero?) then I could live without intersong crossfade for the moment.

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