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Unreachable annotations
The fact that annotations can't be embedded in the chord pro file, and that the rendering of the chord pro file will be different depending upon the device resolution and aspect ratio means that ensuring the annotations are represented the same on every device is incredibly difficult. I have some proposed solutions for how to handle this issue, but they are going to require some difficult changes. I will basically have to start storing a lot more information about the screen dimensions of the tablet that generated each annotation (increasing the amount of data required to store and load the annotations) so that I can figure out on other devices how to properly scale the annotations so that they look the same. With PDFs, this isn't a problem because I'm currently storing the amount the page was scaled when the annotation was created in the database. So if the page is scaled a different amount on a different device, I can just scale by the delta between what the annotation was created with and the current page scaling factor. With a chord pro file, there isn't a scaling factor at all, so it's always saved as "1". This means that the annotations aren't scaled at all on a different device. So if I at least save the tablet dimensions with the annotation, I can know what the delta is between the two tablet dimensions, and scale by that. I believe it should work, but it won't fix annotations that are part of a library that were generated on a different device. I believe there were some other considerations as well, but I would need to review my notes on it.


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