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How to organize my music - newbie to Android and MobileSheets
(06-21-2019, 05:31 PM)itsme Wrote: It helps a lot when you are aware what's in the file(s) and what's in the MSP database. And it is good to know where the files are.
This is why I set "Let Mobile Sheets Manage My Files" to OFF and organized my song files in a folder structure within the MSP folder.
I synchronize that folder structure to all my devices and edits within the files show up in MSP immediately (if the file name and path is not changed)

Using relative file paths and "Expose Database File" set to ON I can even copy my MSP database from my main device to all others, no matter if MSP runs on Android or Windows.


For your use of sheets it probably would've been better if you'd started out with managing your files yourself. I've never seen the advantage of letting MSP managing the files. I don't know how difficult it is to switch from one way to the other.

But indeed snippets are only another aspect of the concept to let the source files untouched, keep changes like cropping, annotations, page order etc. in the database and use only the same file (like when you a big PDF collection in one file and assign songs to the pages to the PDF).

If you want to export annotations etc. to a PDF to share with others (without MSP) or for whatever reason that's a whole different thing the snippets aren't for and therefore IMO don't need to be changed.

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