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"Write Annotations to File" Destroyed a File
I tried to write my annotations to a file to share them with someone who will be subbing the same part, and the file suddenly stopped working. Attempting to open it in MobileSheets will prompt a loading icon which loads indefinitely. Attempting to open the PDF file it generated in a different PDF viewer yields an error message. I have a show on Friday that I need all my music and annotations for. Is there a backup file that MobileSheets generates that I can access, or I am SOL on this front, needing to go through and rewrite all of my annotations before Friday?
I'm really sorry you ran into an issue with your file being corrupted or damaged! If you go to Settings->Storage and note the storage location, then look for the PDF used by the song under the storage location, what size is it? If you try to load it in another application, does it load? Or is the file damaged? If the file is damaged, then there may not be a way to recover it, unless you can happen to run it through a PDF repair program that can fix the errors in it. 

There is no backup that MobileSheets creates, so if you haven't created a library backup file recently under Settings->Backup and Restore->Backup Library, and there is no way to repair the PDF, then you would need to recreate the annotations. 

I've turned off automatic updating of MSP when a new version appears; just in case it mucks something up before a gig.
Before I perform a manual update (at a time of my choosing), I take a backup so that I have something I can restore from (I use the companion rather than the MSP menus so that I have it on another device; but you could achieve the same effect without the companion)

I realise that this doesn't help your current situation but it may be of help in the future.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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