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MP3 player popping up after exiting performance mode
Please excuse me if this has already been discussed and answered .

Is there a way to disable the AudioPlayer from popping up after I exit performance mode?

I have "Disable Audio Player in Performance Mode" On.
If I turn this setting off it always pops up after exiting. 

I would like to have this disabled as I don't use the audio player at all. 

Any help is appreciated.
The audio player is normally only shown if you have an audio file associated with the song you are loading and you have the song overlay shown. Otherwise it should never be shown regardless of the "Disable Audio Player in Performance Mode." If you leave that setting off, exit the app, reload it, then load a song, is the audio player shown? Is it only when you toggle that setting that you are seeing an issue?

I am having same problem with the player popping up whenever I tap a song after it displays. Is there a way to turn completely off? I never use it and have no mp3 files. Thanks.
There isn't currently an option to completely disable the audio player, because it's not supposed to be displayed if the song doesn't use an mp3 file. I've never been able to reproduce this problem where the audio player is shown like that. I can't explain why that is happening for you, as I've never seen it on any of the devices I've used. I can certainly add a new option to completely disable the audio player though. I might change the current option that hides the audio player in performance mode, and instead change it to a multi-selection setting where you can pick "Never", "In Performance Mode", or "Always".

Ok. Thanks!  PS I am using this on android so I posted in wrong forum.

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