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Windows 10 Tablet Mode Sleep Mode?
This is probably more of a Windows 10 issue than a MobileSheets issue, but I thought I'd ask just in case someone has had this issue. I have a new HP Spectre x360 2 in 1 laptop. MobileSheets has been working great on it. I used it at rehearsal Wed evening without any issues. However, this morning, when I would flip the laptop to tablet mode and put the laptop on a music stand, the screen would cut off. I think, but I'm not sure, that maybe the stand was pressing the power button on the laptop and putting it into sleep mode. I changed some Windows 10 settings so that the power button does nothing when in battery mode (I think, anyway). I tried this again and pressed the power button and the laptop cut off. I had to reboot a few times while trying to play at church this morning. I didn't have any of these problems Wed. I did play with some display settings between Wed and now so that the display would turn off after an hour or so on battery mode, but I think that's the only change I made. I did try turning the laptop over the other way (this would put the power button on top). I don't like to hold it this way, though, and I had the power button on the bottom Wed. Anybody else have a problem like this? Any solutions? Thanks!
Unfortunately this seems to be a problem with many windows devices and I have it as well from time to time. I also have the impression that once solved , the problem might reappear with a new windows or dirver update. I just had such a situation a few weeks back and it was driving me mad! I changed several settings , including swithing off 'fast startup' but honestly I cant say the one setting that did the job. You may also try some debugging described here:

Also I noticed that the not sleeping pc problem is more likely to appear when you quickly unconnect it from the power supply and close the lid basically at the same time ('leaving office')
good luck!

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