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Change annotation group by touch area not working
I'll test it again, but it certainly worked both backward and forward for me when I tested before the release. It also does cycle - if you go past the end of the max number of annotation groups, it goes back to 0. You must remember that the way it works now is as follows:

1) It calculates the highest annotation group used for all pages
2) As you cycle through the annotation groups, it will use a counter to figure out what index you are on between 0 and the highest annotation group - 1
3) It will display the group closest to whatever that counter is for each page

So if page 1 has 1 annotation group and page 2 has 3 groups, if you press "next group" 2 times to view group 3 on page, then go back to page 1 and press "previous group", it's going to change the counter to 2, but page one has just one annotation group, so it will seem as nothing has happened. This is by design, because it doesn't make sense to cycle all annotation groups unevenly, and it also doesn't make sense to just hide the annotations if the page doesn't have a match because then people can't set up their songs so that they can use the same annotations for all groups on certain pages, but different groups on other pages. If you want no annotations to be shown on a page if it doesn't have a matching group, you must create an empty group.

Bottom line - create the same number of annotation groups for every page if you want annotations to be hidden when a page doesn't have a match for the current annotation group index. 


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RE: Change annotation group by touch area not working - by Zubersoft - 03-21-2019, 06:58 AM

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