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Changing the home directory
Yeah, my bad feelings about this were warranted. I tried to move it, didn't consider that I also moved the place of the database (since I solved that with a junction from my dropbox folder to the users dir which worked fine), so I restored that.

But the change of the storage place didn't worked. So I moved it all back to the old place in my dropbox. But now when I start up MSP doesn't recognize the old storage dir any more (though it is accessible and there) and I get the message (W10 BTW)

Storage location inaccessible (etc.) with the three options 

continue waiting
change storage location to default
quit MSP

And - I think that's a flaw - you can't got to the settings and change anything when you go back to the MSP GUI from that screen.

Help, please?
Is this with the Android version? If so, send me an email at mike@zubersoft.com and I'll hook you up with the latest build which will eliminate that check at startup. 

If it's with Windows 10 (which I'm assuming it based upon your previous post), then it's pretty important for access to be available to the storage location. The problem is that, if you select a folder, delete that folder, then recreate that folder, the token that MobileSheets has stored to that previous folder instance may no longer be valid (I don't know how Microsoft handles this internally).  Can you restore the previous folder instance from your recycle bin? There isn't a way for me to regain access to the new folder instance without bringing up a file browser for the user to select the folder instance again (that's how Microsoft requires the user to grant access). I think I'll modify that check at startup so that it gives you an option to select the storage location to grant access to it.

Yes it's Windows. And no, I don't think I can restore the previous instance from the recycle bin. I actually didn't delete (since I'm overcautious with the loss of my files) but renamed it and created a folder with no
content in the same place.

Well, after that I got the message I described and I now chose to restore the folder in the default location so I thought I could move it from there again which I tried or rather I'm trying (and it's trying).
After the usual warning it started to move files sloooooooowly. At least it's saying it's moving files to the new storage location (where all files are already present). I'm still not sure what MSP is trying to right now. It's still only at 4 % after 2 hours (and haven't moved from 4 % for the last 50 minutes or so).

Well, I'll leave it overnight now and look at it at tomorrow again. But maybe I'm better of with using a backup copy of my database and my files and reinstall the whole thing.
I'm sorry this has been such a painful process. I'll do what I can to make it easier to resolve these kinds of issues in the future. 

Thanks. FYI MSP is still stuck at 4 % of moving the files after the night. I canceled it now and have to see what I can salvage.
A really interesting thing happened.

After I tried the change storage location process once again the day before yesterday, still on 2.4.9 on W10, and let it work through the night again the progress bar again was still stuck (this time on 0 %) when I looked the next morning. Sso I canceled again (like before).

When I started MSP (still on 2.4.9 W10) today on my desktop the new storage location was in the settings and the files were found.

I'm happy with the result but how it got there especially with the moving and no progress bar is a bit confusing to me.

I have to test if all is in the right place but it seems so for now.
O.k. final report on this.

I updated my Surface Pro to 2.5.4 since I thought you improved the "change storage location" in this version so I could change it on my last device with a bit less trouble.

I guess you haven't changed anything there yet though, have you?

Usually I have nothing but praise for MSP but this feature still doesn't work well at all.

To be fair there might have been some things which made the process more difficult and less smooth for MSP. My storage location contained about 24 GB, it was saved on a SD card and also in a dropbox directory (drobox gives warnings in the background if files and directories should be removed from a dropbox one notices only when MSP is closed) which all may have contributed to it.

First it again took ages since MSP moved or tried to move all files though I already had all of them in the storage location already.
It worked its way up to 50 % in about an hour but then again for unknown reasons it started again from 0 %.

I waited the night and in the next morning the new storage location was accepted and showed up in the settings. But there were lots of files missing, meaning they couldn't be found in the new storage location. (I copied them manually again into the new storage location and then it worked and  I haven't noticed any more missing files for now).

I probably won't need to change the storage location again in the near future since I have it now on the devices how I need it (2 W10 devices and 1 Android with a new SD card).

But I again propose that you let the user decide if MSP moves the files or if he wants to do it manually with OS devices.

There is no need to change anything in the database anymore apart from the storage location path, correct? It's all relative paths and only the physical moving of the files to the new storage location is needed?

In my experience the MSP way currently isn't reliable, very slow and doesn't take advantage of OS advantages (I'm talking about the quick moving or hardlink copies on NT file systems).

As I said, the easiest way would be to ask the user if he wants MSP to move files or if the storage location should be changed without any file changes (which the user is responsible for).

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