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How to use "Generate Song List" to create CSV files
I'm happy to add the semicolon - that's easy to do. 

As far as the second request, you are basically wanting me to output the formatted song title instead of the basic song title right? The formatted song title is what you see on the library screen as the result of the song title formatting in the settings. Instead of outputting that at the beginning of the line, wouldn't it be better to have an option to "Use formatted song titles" on the dialog, and if %TITLE% is encountered, it uses the formatted song title instead of just the simple title? I would think that would be more flexible. If I've misunderstood your request, let me know.

Wouldn't using the formatted song title be problematic though, as that could combine the values of lots of different fields into one? If the CSV already populates artist, for example, and artist is in the formatted title, I wouldn't think you'd want artist in both spots in the CSV. I'm curious how this would be used... 


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RE: How to use "Generate Song List" to create CSV files - by Zubersoft - 02-04-2019, 08:03 AM

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