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Has someone already tried to control tc-helicon or behringr products with midi
To other users

I use some products from tc-helicon with midi control features like the "singThing" or the "voicelive 3 extreme" and I have a behringer x-air mixer.

It could be of help when I could underlay midi sequences per song to change the settings for the "singThing" or the "voicelive 3 X".

My questions are:
- can I use the cheap usb2midi dongles from china to control the devices
- are there some examples how to reload a style on the tc-helicon devices by loading a new song on MSP.

I have almost no experience with midi yet, because I am a guitar player.


Now I answer to my own question:

I connected the cheap USB2Midi Device from China with an OTG-Adapter to the microUSB of my Galaxy TAB. The Tablet recognizes the USB. 
I connected the MIDI-OUT to the TC-helicon SingThing MIDI-Input.
I set the global midi settings to Channel 1 and selected "Genos" as the MIDI-Device.

I selected an existing song in EDit Mode and went to the MIDI-TAB. 
I selected the + sign and changed the command type to "Control Change"

I looked a the CC-Table of the SingThing in the manual and selected "Harmony" which is CC 21 with a Value of 0 for Off or 127 for ON
In my case I set it to 127.

Now I saved the settings and loaded the song and Voila! Harmony function went on, on the device. Fine!

But sorry, I cannot close the Song anymore until I disconnect the USB-Cable!

I added 2 more CC commands to the song CC22 for Reverb on, and CC23 for Delay on.
Loading the song=Voila, all three functions  switch on, but, I cannot leave the Song anymore and after a while there is a timeout that says, the app does not respond anymore! and will be closed.

Is that "function as designed" or do I do a mistake? Or is there a problem in the app?

Sorry if I translated some keywords in a wrong way, because I use a german version.

Best Regards

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