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Quantum Songs
When a file is imported into MobileSheetsPro, the default behavior is for that file to be copied into the storage location which is listed under Settings->Storage->Set MobileSheets Storage Location. So if you updated files on your SD card, you aren't actually updating the files that MobileSheetsPro is trying to find unless you disabled Settings->Storage->Let MobileSheets Manage my Files. So you have a couple of options:

1) You can copy the files into the folders that MobileSheetsPro is looking at. This may be very tedious if you have a lot of missing files.
2) You can use Settings->Other Settings->Fix Broken File Paths to see if MobileSheetsPro can automatically link the songs back up to the files. 
3) You can clear the library, disable Let MobileSheets Manage my Files, then reimport all your files off the SD card and your library will point there from now on

If you want to update individual songs through MobileSheetsPro itself, long press a song, tap the three dots at the top right and then "Swap File" to swap in a file for an existing one. If you use Settings->Other Settings->Find Misisng Files, you can swap files in for each song by tapping on them in the list.


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