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Sync to Cloud
There are a number of things I'll have to cover to answer all your questions. First, let's talk about the database location. It's stored in  C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Packages\41730Zubersoft.MobileSheets_ys1c8ct2g6ypr\LocalState and that location can't be changed because the SQLite library I'm using fails if I try to load a database file that is outside that directory (I believe it's a permissions issue with UWP). So if you have been storing your library in a Dropbox folder and you move it, the database location shouldn't be impacted by that at all. There are other files in that directory that don't move either, including all of your application settings. A backup file contains all of the song files in your library as well as all of the contents of the LocalState folder listed above.

Synchronizing in Windows 10 using the local Dropbox folder (or any other kind of automatically synchronized folder) is unfortunately unreliable and can cause issues. I typically discourage this and would instead advise users to use the Sync Library->Sync to a cloud folder option. Unfortunately, there are bugs currently with synchronizing to Google Drive and OneDrive due to the way those services store files and folders (everything uses a crazy ID versus a path). I have fixes to all of those bugs, but I'm still in the process of testing all the changes that I've made for the next update, as it has turned into a pretty big one. So synchronizing to Google Drive or OneDrive is not reliable at the moment (I'm going to do my best to get the update released within the next week but I want to make sure it's a stable update so I'm not rushing it). Synchronizing to Dropbox should be better, but there are still a few bugs I've fixed that apply to that as well. I would say using a library backup/restore is a better choice until the next update is released.

Synchronizing to the cloud absolutely should recreate all of the metadata for all of the songs (so long as you checked the option to sync groups). Have you tried this with Dropbox? Did it not work? I can test it again with a blank library to ensure it pulls down all the metadata, but I've been testing the library sync stuff for awhile now and I haven't encountered that problem. Using the Sync Library->Sync to a cloud folder feature does create a mobilesheets.db file in the cloud folder. That database should have all of the metadata in it. If you use another method to try and sync your library to the cloud (such as using the automatically synchronized Dropbox folder in Windows), the metadata will be missing, which is why you can't do that.

Hopefully with all of the fixes in the next update, renaming a song should work better for you, however the best way to ensure that your songs are always correctly matched up to the cloud is to assign a unique ID to the song ID field, or to ensure that every device has restored the same library backup file so that all of the songs have the same database table IDs. I may add a button to generate a unique song ID on the fields tab of the song editor as I imagine that may be useful for people to avoid conflicts.

As far as the problem you are currently facing, I'm not sure what path is listed on the backup file, but if you click the option to cancel, it should use the default path which is C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Packages\41730Zubersoft.MobileSheets_ys1c8ct2g6ypr\LocalState. If all of the metadata is in the database file in your backup file, there is no reason it wouldn't be restored and accessible in your library. Did you make sure to clear any active filters in case that was hiding the metadata? I'm just trying to think of possible reasons it didn't show up.  I might suggest rebooting your device, and ensuring that MobileSheets has write access to the folder you are selecting for the storage location. If it helps, you can send me the library backup file and I can restore it and try to see what's going on.


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