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[2.5.0] MSPro stops after 'superpowered' is displayed

Well .......

I had not seen your reply, but decided to do some more testing on my own in order to try to and provide some more information.
The results are very unconsistent I am afraid. Conclusion could be that standard mode is ok and stable, and that superpowered mode is unpredictabtle ....

For one, I have not been able to reproduce getting MSPro to hang by using the superpowered MIDI now. although it did this morning after iinstalling the new MSPro version. (cannot remember if I rebooted the tablet ....)

I have had an occasion where I connected one MIDI device first tested it in MSPro in superpowered mode (it worked) and then added the second midi device. it detected it, but that second one did not work, but MSP did not hang either. When I then switched back to standard MIDI (without reconnecting midi devices) same result. Second one also not working. After tablet reboot (without touching connections) both then worked fine in standard mode.
Repeating the previous test, next time gave a result of both devices working in superpowered mode. Not touching anything and rebooting the tablet resulted in both devices beeing detected by superpowered midi but neiter of them working that time.
I also had one situation where only one midi devices was working (both detected) in superpowered mode but the working midi was slow. the device working was my genos and there was at least a 2 second delay now between the registration file beeing loaded on Genos and the button getting lit. normally this takes less than a second.

Once I switch to standard mode (rebooting when needed after changing from superpowered) everything works stable.

I guess this not going to help much  .....

HP Slate 21-Android 4.4.2, HP Slate 17-Android 4.4.4, Onda Air 10" (backup tablet) Android 4 / Windows 10
Yamaha Genos, Roland PK-6, Yamaha PSR SX900

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RE: [2.5.0] MSPro stops after 'superpowered' is displayed - by Rey_a - 02-21-2019, 03:28 AM

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