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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.5.5 Released
MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.5.5 have been released. MobileSheets for Windows 10 is currently awaiting approval by Microsoft. The Windows 10 updates contains a significant number of bug fixes and changes, the most important being fixes for memory leaks and memory use optimizations to make the program run much smoother. The full list of changes can be found below:

NOTE: Version 2.5.7 has been submitted to the Microsoft Store to fix additional issues with the song editor. Users on 2.4.9 should wait for it to be available before updating.

MobileSheets v2.5.5 for Android
  • Fixed bug with disconnecting from an input port and then reconnecting when using the Google MIDI library
  • Changing the page order of a copied song will no longer remove the annotations from the copied pages
  • Fixed bug with slave device not showing correct page when using book mode
  • Fixed handling of songs that have been renamed when synchronizing libraries
  • Fixed issue when synchronizing to a cloud folder that doesn't exist
  • Fixed error where certain pages would not render if loading a single song with ten or more PDFs in it
  • Audio automatically imported from Dropbox will now use audio from the import directory if found, otherwise it will pull from other directories

MobileSheets v2.5.5 for Windows 10
  • Fixed display bug that occurs after editing multiple songs
  • Fixed issue with text annotations not flipping colors when night mode is enabled
  • Significantly reduced memory usage by fixing memory leaks.
  • Memory usage has been optimized to provide smoother performance with fewer stutters
  • Audio now quickly fades out while pausing to prevent pops or jarring sounds
  • Crossfading between tracks of different songs is now supported. Crossfading is also used when switching between the tracks of a song
  • Simplified audio player settings by hiding settings that don't apply to certain modes
  • Added setting for panning audio L/R in both the audio player and metronome
  • Added support for outputting mono audio when panned fully to the left or right
  • Fixed bug where a page wouldn't load after using the page slider under certain circumstances
  • The experimental audio player is now enabled by default. If a file fails to load using that player, the standard Android player will be used instead.
  • Added pedal actions to raise or lower audio volume by 5%
  • Added setting to export files with iOS compatible annotations. This produces a larger PDF that will be slower to load.
  • Fixed bug when synchronizing a library to Google Drive or OneDrive that would lead to incorrect file paths being saved
  • Fixed a number of bugs with library synchronization dealing with songs that have been renamed or who have swapped files
  • Using song ID with the library synchronization feature now ensures that songs that have been renamed are correctly matched
  • A descriptive error is now shown when trying to upload to Dropbox when there is no space available in the selected Dropbox account
  • The full manual and user guide can now be viewed using external PDF viewers.
  • Changed file conflict options to be more intuitive, and added option to skip files
  • Songs are now matched by song ID first, and title second when importing msf files
  • Fixed issue with importing files off Google Drive that don't have a file extension
  • The last page of a song or setlist can now always be viewed on the master device when using book mode
  • Added drag and drop support to import new files if dropped on the library screen.
  • Added drag and drop support to create a smart button if a file is dropped on a score.
  • Fixed issues with connecting to bluetooth devices that are already paired
  • Fixed bug with swapping in a new file for a non-existent text or chord pro file
  • Song ID is now included in mss files and is used for matching songs if song ID is greater than 0
  • If "Automatically Add Matching Audio" is enabled, reimporting an existing file will also search for updated audio files.
  • Added direct connect option on the "Connect Devices" dialog.
  • Added option to create placeholders on the group editor screen.
  • Added chord localization setting. Switching this changes the handling of chords such as H, B and Bb.
  • Changed start/pause audio action to start/stop. Added new setting to pause or resume playback.
  • Fixed bug with handling of annotation groups. The application will now use the closest matching group for all pages.
  • Book mode is now only activated when at least one device is connected.
  • The page slider is now hidden when viewing a single song with two pages in the two page display mode
  • Fixed crash when applying metronome settings to all songs in a setlist when the entire setlist isn't loaded
  • Simplified the display and page scaling mode dialogs to only show settings for the current orientation
  • Fixed bug where the selection becomes invalid after editing a MIDI command
  • Chords in chord pro comments are now styled the same as all other chords
  • Added support for start of verse and start of part chord pro directives
  • Fixed handling of text and chord pro files during sync so that page count is ignored.
  • The screen will now automatically turn off after 1 hour of inactivity regardless of the screen lock
  • The audio player will no longer start playing if switching tracks when the player is stopped or paused
  • Added option to print the current song or setlist in the popup menu at the bottom left corner of the song overlay
  • Fixed bug where it was possible to swap in a text or chord pro file in a song containing multiple pdfs or images
  • Fixed bug where a text or chord pro file would look different when printed versus what the tablet shows in portrait orientation
  • Added support for filtering on song ID
  • Fixed error where certain pages would not render if loading a single song with ten or more PDFs in it
  • Added semi-colon delimiter to the song title formatting dialog
  • Added button to song editor to generate a unique song ID
  • Fixed issue with creating folders in OneDrive that end in with a period
  • .csv files without columns, such as those used by other sheet music applications, can now be imported
  • If updating an existing song during a file conflict, the song will now be added to the groups selected on the import settings dialog
  • Fixed transposing issues with certain slash chords

Thank you everyone for your constant support, feedback, suggestions and bug reports! 

Thank you!

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