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Workaround for machines that experience long delays
Thanks.  FYI I'm now running 2.7.4 and don't see a difference in freeze behavior.
An update. I am seeing less and less delays with the latest updates (I'm on 2.8.9 of the Microsoft version now). I haven't tried the Fastspring version lately.
I've messed around with many of the Mobile Sheet's settings options over the past couple of months, but nothing I've tried makes a diff from what I see.
I've tried running MS with wifi and Bluetooth turned off, and even played with a couple of Win10 o/s power VS performance trade-off settings on my Surface4, but found nothing that makes a diff.
All I see is that CPU and memory use spikes when these delays do happen, but I don't see any particular process causing this when watching the Task Manager. I still find it strange that total memory use in Task Manager spikes, but no process listed accounts for it. Something stealthly is causing this....
The only consistent thing is that the longer I am using MS, the worse the delays get, until I close and restart MS. Then back to no delays...for while. Feels like a memory leak to me, but I have no way to prove this. Anyone know of any tool that could quantify a memory leak if it happened?
Still a mystery, but not as bad as what I was seeing 4-5 months ago.
Surface 4, 4GB

I have read all of this thread and can say that I am having the same issues of freezing until a restart of MSP.

It is getting worse the bigger my library gets I am in the process of setting MSP to work on Yamaha GENOS registrations (which works great)

MSP works ok for 10-20 edits then takes up to 30 secs to move from the library - edit - midi page A restart of MSP resets the time then slows 

down again  I am using a 13 inch CHUWI tablet so not the fastest tablet but it worked great as I started to build my library, so maybe this be due 

to a large library and multiple consecutive edits.

I would like to see if the other version cures my problem so can I have some instructions /links on how to download it please.


I tend to import full fake books so my library has just jumped to 6000 as i am using csv to import them

From all of the information I have gathered, the problem is mainly due to editing many songs, one after the other. Each switch in and out of the song editor screen must be causing some of issue, but in all of my investigations, I can't figure out what that might be. There doesn't appear to be any kind of significant memory leak or other obvious problems. It could be a framework issue with Microsoft's library, as there are plenty posts about leaks caused by switching between pages in a UWP application. I also see different behavior depending upon the device being used to test. I've modified my code in every way I can think of to prevent potential leaks - the song editor screen isn't recreated every time, it's reused and repopulated with the data from the new song being edited. I would think that would eliminate all potential leaks, but it's apparently not enough (if the problem is some kind of leak in Microsoft's framework). One interesting change that is coming with the annotations redesign is a switch to Win2D for the rendering of pages. This will result in significant memory savings on rendered pages and should speed things up as well. I'll be curious to see if this helps with the freezing problem after multiple edits if the issue is somehow tied to the preview of the files on the files tab. 

Let me ask this - if you don't have the Yamaha GENOS connected to MobileSheets, and you edit 10-20 songs in a row, do you still see a 30 second delay? It would be very helpful to know if the delay is related to active MIDI connections.

I don't think switching versions would fix this problem, but if you really want to go through with that (it will require a new installation and you'll have to transfer your library to that version), email me at mike@zubersoft.com.

One last question - what version of MobileSheets are you running? I just want to make sure you are on the latest version.

This is maybe not just an windows problem. I made the experience too that MSP is closing when I am in annotations mode. Mostly when I zoomed in to write something withe the pen. I usually avoid too zoom in and everything is fine. I thought my older Samsung device could not handle the zoom in the annotation mode
Samsung Note Pro 12.2 LineageOS 14.1
Huawei Media Pad M3 lite
This is only a problem with the Windows version. There are no problems on the Android side like this that I'm aware of and the code bases are completely different between the two. There are no problems being reported on Android with the app slowing down over time. If you are experiencing crashes with zooming, that is a different problem that would need to be investigated. Please write up a separate post for that with all of the details for how to reproduce the problem and I will see if I can reproduce it on my own Samsung Note Pro 12.2.

Ok. Sorry for the confusion.
Samsung Note Pro 12.2 LineageOS 14.1
Huawei Media Pad M3 lite
HI Mike

Thanks for the speedy reply.

I dont seem to have a reason to edit the library without the Genos connected. I have the BT01 blue tooth midi device connected to my Genos and 

Use the midi tab to connect the pdf to a Genos registration using the system exclusive commands, this becomes unusable after 10-20 edits so I restart MSP and do another 20, I am ok with this I just wondered if there was a way of speeding it up.

It only seems to be when editing like you say, normal usage of finding, loading PDF's  or registrations works GREAT.

 It is very impressive for other people to see PDF load up when a registration is loaded and equally impressive when a registration is loaded from a PDF

Thanks for all the support to a fantastic program

I'll continue to investigate the issue, but one possible solution that I may have to resort to, is not using a separate screen for the song editor and instead making it something that is initialized and shown on the main screen. In theory that would fix the issue if it's related to Microsoft's framework.


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