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Workaround for machines that experience long delays
I have all the latest MS and Msoft updates, but I'm still seeing this problem over the past few days.
Sometimes it's a 5 second delay from selecting a song in MS and the song appearing.
I turned off Bluetooth on my Surface to see if this made a diff, but it did not.

When watching the Win10 task manager I notice that MS consumes more and more memory as I open new songs. After opening 1 song it uses about 120MB. After 5-6 songs, MS is using 600MB of memory, which is about 15-20% of the working memory on the machine. At this point, with just the other minimum Win10 stuff running, I'm seeing 60% memory usage. Not sure if this is causing the freeze/delay problem....thoughts?

When I select a new song in MS, why doesn't it flush the previous one(s) from memory? Wouldn't that be more efficient?

Any other things I could check when this freeze/delay is happening?

thanks for your support!
Surface 4, 4GB

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RE: Workaround for machines that experience long delays - by rrrpiano - 06-19-2019, 02:20 PM

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