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Workaround for machines that experience long delays
I don't have a Surface Pro so this is just about Windows in general.

Windows tries to keep as much of the program and data in memory as possible for fast access .i.e. memory might still be allocated to a program even though it will never be used again (windows doesn't know that). This will continue until the program is closed or windows determines that it has insufficient free storage. Assuming it is lack of free pages, windows will then release "old" pages. Any modified pages need to be first saved in a virtual page file from which they can be restored should they be referenced again. Unmodified pages do not need to be stored because they can be recreated from their original disk location. This technique is donkeys old.
Basically, what I'm saying is that a large memory usage does not necessarily mean that there is a program; it is more the pattern of usage. 

"I'm seeing 60% memory usage" means that you should have plenty of usable memory - for comparison, my desktop has 53% used.

Mike: Are you writing temporary files to disk or are you just grabbing memory? If writing large temporary files, performance can be significantly improved by pre-allocating the full file size rather than just letting the file be automatically extended as it is written from the start.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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