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Workaround for machines that experience long delays
I'm hoping that some of the changes I'm making with the annotations rework will help with this. I have gotten a memory dump from a user when the application was not responding, and none of my code was actively being executed. This means that the slowdown/hang was occurring in Microsoft's code, into which I have no insight. So it may be very difficult for me to figure out how to fix this as I have never been able to reproduce it myself. If it has something to do with the complexity of my UI layout, then I may have to make drastic changes to how the UI is designed, which could impact the responsiveness in general. For example, right now, the library screen and the song display screen are both loaded inside the same "page", as Microsoft calls it. I just only show one of them at a time. Even though only one of the screens is shown at a time and this should have no impact on the UI responsiveness, perhaps it's still just too complex of a component heirarchy and Microsoft's framework chokes on it occasionally. If that is the case, I would have to split those screens. This means that every time you would load a song, or return from a song back to the library screen, there would be a transition. This would cause a very noticeable delay upon loading a song or setlist as that entire screen would have to be loaded each time this was done. It would also potentially slow down returning from that screen to the library as all of the UI components would have to be deallocated. That is why it's designed the way it currently is. 

So I'm hesitant to make any changes, especially as I'm not seeing any problems myself and the kinds of changes described above could have very negative consequences. So my plan is to proceed with the annotations rework, which is introducing Win2D as the primary mechanism for rendering songs which should lower memory usage and result in faster drawing, and see if problems still persist after that. If the problems occur even just while using the library screen, then that either points to something in Microsoft's code over which I have no control or an issue with the UI design, which will be problematic for the reasons discussed earlier.


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