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Workaround for machines that experience long delays
I'll see if I can reproduce what you are describing on my own Surface Pro. 

Yes, I do use extended execution if the app is running in fullscreen mode. This is supposed to stop the app from being suspended on machines plugged in, or on mobile devices if the battery settings will allow it. I don't think it seems to work very well though, and according to Microsoft's documentation, the OS may only allow this for a couple minutes before suspending the app anyways. Setting the device to use desktop mode instead of tablet mode helps with this, as you can run the app in windowed mode that way without minimizing it.

I do not requested extended execution while the app is in the suspending state. I request it when the app is first loaded, or if switching between fullscreen/windowed mode. My code is not currently clearing the request after being suspended though, which is wrong I believe, so I'm going to fix that. 

If a new instance of the app is launched, it goes through a very different flow than if it is resumed. With a new instance, all of the normal initialization is triggered and resources have to be allocated again. On a resume, I just turn back on everything that I disabled in OnSuspend.


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