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Workaround for machines that experience long delays
I made the batch script at the beginning of this thread.  I am running several machines and they display different performance behavior. The cheapest junkiest PC runs the best and does not need the batch file. The Dell All In One 21 inch - runs the slowest and needs the batch file to run.   I did performance tuning on the PC before creating the batch file - where I shut off as many services as I could.  The installed OS image is what the vendor put on.  I even swapped out the disk drive for a new solid state unit.  

With a lot of services shut off, it still had severe delays.    The, I tested the MS execution priority level at several setting and found the highest it could be set.  For the Dell, this pretty much fixed the issue enough that it is usable during live performances and now has about 120 hours of on stage high demand time and still working fine.    Our Android machines have no such problems but of course the screens are also small and can not compete displaying 2 sheets side by side as the Dell does. 

I did not make a link file.   Just entered the script in a    MSxxx.bat    file and run that.  The REM comments were left in in case anyone wants to mess around with it. 

NOTE:    My belief is that this is not an MS coding issue but instead the vendor loaded OS image is the issue and one of these days I will do a fresh OS load on the Dell.  Until then it is usable for me.    On the cheapest junkiest windows machine which is a touch screen 17.3 inch EPIK ELAIO all in one, the same as the current IVIEW model  (Epik quit selling it now)  --  I did a full fresh clean OS install and performance issues went away.  It has 4 gig ram and only 32 gig ssd.    It runs smooth and sweet with Windows 10, update version 1903 and when I use the priority execution batch file on it -- it runs even smoother.   Hope this helps a little.

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