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Workaround for machines that experience long delays
An update. I am seeing less and less delays with the latest updates (I'm on 2.8.9 of the Microsoft version now). I haven't tried the Fastspring version lately.
I've messed around with many of the Mobile Sheet's settings options over the past couple of months, but nothing I've tried makes a diff from what I see.
I've tried running MS with wifi and Bluetooth turned off, and even played with a couple of Win10 o/s power VS performance trade-off settings on my Surface4, but found nothing that makes a diff.
All I see is that CPU and memory use spikes when these delays do happen, but I don't see any particular process causing this when watching the Task Manager. I still find it strange that total memory use in Task Manager spikes, but no process listed accounts for it. Something stealthly is causing this....
The only consistent thing is that the longer I am using MS, the worse the delays get, until I close and restart MS. Then back to no delays...for while. Feels like a memory leak to me, but I have no way to prove this. Anyone know of any tool that could quantify a memory leak if it happened?
Still a mystery, but not as bad as what I was seeing 4-5 months ago.
Surface 4, 4GB

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