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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.6.2 Released
Another round of updates has been released with mainly bug fixes and some minor enhancements. The Windows 10 version has not been approved by Microsoft yet, but should be available for download in the next day or two. See the full list of changes below:

Common Changes
  • Fixed bug when exporting a file to the cloud with all export options disabled
  • Added setting to specify exported file name when exporting a song with a single file
  • Setlist notes are now copied when copying an existing setlist
  • Swiping pages in the annotations editor will now change the current page if stylus mode is enabled
  • The main song display will now switch to the page that was being viewed after exiting the annotations editor
  • Fixed incorrectly handling of colors in the annotations editor when night mode is enabled
  • The progress dialog now displays each song that is being created when using the Import->PDF Bookmark or CSV file feature
  • Added fix to the "Fix Broken File Paths" utility to correctly handle replacing an existing path with the current storage location
  • Added option to disable the joining of image files into a single song when importing files with similar names
  • Added option to show the extended list of matching letters when a letter is tapped instead of long pressed in the library alphabet list
  • Added option in the scroll settings to allow scrolling to continue between songs in setlists
  • The quick action box is now offset when the song overlay is shown to prevent most of the overlap
MobileSheetsPro v2.6.2 (Android)
  • Fixed incorrect rendering of highlight annotations when using the "Draw highlights behind content" setting
  • Exporting annotations now works correctly when highlights are drawn behind content
  • Updated export options under the share menu so that a cloud destination can be easily picked
  • Added optimizations so that exporting a PDF with iOS compatible annotations or highlights behind content will only rebuild pages with annotations on them
  • Tapping the sd card in the file browser now shows a list of detected storage locations (i.e. SD cards)
  • Removed the storage icon in the file browser as the SD card icon now performs that functionality
  • Fixed issue with the switch library screen not scrolling when used on a phone in landscape orientation
  • Added message for Boox users to notify them about the e-ink version of MobileSheetsPro
MobileSheets v2.6.2 (Windows 10)
  • The last modified timestamp for songs will no longer be modified when scanning for file changes and no changes actually occur
  • A popup message is now shown if stylus mode is active and touch input is received but a stylus has not been used
  • Added fix to allow the escape key to be mapped to actions
  • Added additional options while swapping files if the new file is in the storage location
  • The music folder is now only scanned when connecting to the companion application
Nitpick: The subject says 2.6.2, the release notes say 2.5.8...
Samsung Galaxy Note S7FE (T733) 12.4", Android 12.0, AirTurn Duo & Digit (Gigs).
Samsung Galaxy Note S4 (T830) 10.5", Android 10.0 (maintenance and backup).
Samsung A3 (A320FL), Android 8.0.0 (emergency).
(04-16-2019, 04:12 PM)sciurius Wrote: Nitpick: The subject says 2.6.2, the release notes say 2.5.8...

it's just a write error, the notes are from version 2.6.2
Thanks - Fixed the typos.

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