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How to turn pages with middle pedal (Sostenuto/Sustain) of a Digital Piano ?

First I would like to say it is a great software for a correct price, thank.

I try to use the middle pedal (Sostenuto/Sustain) of my Digital Piano to turn the page on my computeur, but it does not work.
I have connected the MIDI USB of the Digital Piano to the computeur via an USB cable. 
In the parameters page, in the MIDI parameters, the Digital Piano Yamaha is displayed and selected.

1) Does this function implemented in the softwware ?

2) If yes, could you help me to configure it ?

Best Regards

- Mini PC : BT3 PRO II
- Windows Version v10.0.17763.437 
- MobileSheets v2.6.3 (from Windows Store)
- Digital Piano: Yamaha Clavinova CLP-645
Hello Ashday,

Just to verify, if you go to Settings->MIDI Settings->Select MIDI Devices, you see the Yamaha show up there? If so, that's a good sign as it means MIDI communication will be possible with MobileSheets. The next thing to determine is what message the digital piano sends when you press that middle pedal. To do this, tap on the "MIDI Actions" option, tap the + icon, then tap on the bottom most icon on the right that looks like a tablet with a signal at the bottom left. This is the MIDI listen dialog. Now press your pedal and see what messages show up. Hopefully it's just one or two. You can tap each of these, then press the + icon on the dialog to create a new batch MIDI command from them. Close the dialog, and then change the MIDI action dropdown at the top to whatever action you want the middle pedal to trigger (i.e. Go to Next Page). You can then load your song and test it out. 

If your digital piano either doesn't show up under Settings->MIDI Settings->Select MIDI Devices, or the pedal does not send any MIDI commands to MobileSheets, then it either won't work or there is some kind of configuration on the digital piano that needs to be changed.

Thanks, It works. 
I did not understand how to configure but now it's fine.

Thanks for your support.
For info, the software on screen with specific LED lamp for the keyboard

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(04-25-2019, 04:10 AM)ashday Wrote: For info, the software on screen with specific LED lamp for the keyboard

Wow, nice!
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Samsung Galaxy Note S4 (T830) 10.5", Android 10.0 (non-MSPRo, backup).
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